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Recently, one of the biggest tourism companies seeks planning permission to build a big resort with golf courses and swimming pools in a developing country in the middle of the town. The announcement causes controversy. The local population against developing their areas argues that it has a harmful effect on their lifestyle and environment. As one might expect, the tourism industry may increase economic growth in developing countries. However, it is evident that the disadvantages of tourism in developing countries far outweigh the advantages because of working conditions and environmental damages.

There is no doubt that the improvement of tourism in developing countries may improve the living standards of local population but, they are exposed to poor working conditions. It is believed that local population in general works as physically difficult worker, cleaner, laundry worker, fast food employee and so on. Most of them face with financial difficulties due to low payments. To make matters worse, they work for long time and are exposed to poor working environment. One of the biggest problems of tourism is the exploitation of labor. Children amd women are the victims of the tourism industry. To sum up, it gives rise to not only the exploitation of local people, but also underpaid and undervalued workers.

Tourism is irreversible and widespread damage to a fragile eco-system. It is undeniable that the development of infrastructure in the area may cause convenience and comfort to the residents. However, it destroys their unique environment. Many foreign companies build resorts and hotels with golf courses and swimming pools which consume a lot of water. Due to these facilities, the local people suffer from water shortage.      

In conclusion, Even though tourism provides such an improved infrastructure to local population, it has a harmful effect on their unique environment and working conditions. Government of the developing country should set...


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