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Is Genetic Engineering a Useful Technology to the World?

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Since 1953, when two young scientists Francis Crick and James Watson announced to the world that they had found the secret of life—DNA, the debate on genetic engineering has been going on for decades. As a new branch of modern science, genetic engineering has both advantages and potential threat to abuse.

The first implication of genetic engineering is the modification of crops. The technology itself has made it possible for crops to produce a stronger and larger yield, and even become resistant to damage from drought, cold, and salt. In this way, the imminent problem of feeding the growing world population probably could be solved.

Though the safety of the genetically modified foods haven’t yet been proved, genetic engineering is still a shred of hope for people in poverty-stricken countries, that the day will come when there will be no more starvation in the world.

Also, there is another application of genetic engineering. In terms of the whole biomedical industry, the prospect is unbelievably spectacular in that “many diseases presently regarded as hopeless may be able to be cured,” said Ron Readan at Democratic National Convention in July 2004, “We could put an end to this suffering. We only need to try.’’ ①Genetic engineering nowadays is capable of giving rise to the production of synthetic substances that are naturally produced within an organism's body, including insulin, albumin, growth hormones, antibodies, and vaccines. Moreover, as for vaccines, scientists are currently confident enough to assure the public that genetically engineered vaccines provide immunity without the risk of introducing the infectious agents.

Nevertheless, the negative part of the technology emerged itself at the exactly same time. All the creatures, no matter whether they once existed or at the time being reside on the planet, have made the history for more than 3.5 billion years; however, us human beings who have just been able to read it for the few years or so,...


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