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Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

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Crops like potato, tomato, soybean and rice are currently being genetically engineered to obtain new strains with better nutritional qualities and increased yield. The genetically engineered crops are expected to have a capacity to grow on lands that are presently not suitable for cultivation. The manipulation of the genes in crops is expected to improve their nutritional value as also their rate of growth. Biotechnology, the science of genetically engineering foods, can be used to impart a better taste to certain foods.

Engineered seeds are resistant to pests and can survive in a relatively harsh climatic conditions. The recently identified plant gene known as At-DBF2, when inserted in tomato and tobacco cells is seen to increase their endurance to harsh soil and climatic conditions. Biotechnology can be used to slow down the process of food spoilage. It can thus result in fruits and vegetables having a greater shelf life.

Genetic engineering in food can be used to produce totally new substances such as proteins and other food nutrients. The genetic modification of foods can be used to increase their medicinal value, thus making available homegrown edible vaccines.

Genetic engineering has a great potential of succeeding in case of human beings. This specialized branch of genetic engineering, which is known as human genetic engineering is the science of modifying the genotypes of human beings before birth. The process can be used to manipulate certain traits in an individual.

Positive genetic engineering deals with enhancing the positive traits in an individual like increasing longevity or human capacity while negative genetic engineering deals with the suppression of the negative traits in human beings like certain genetic diseases. Genetic engineering can be used to obtain a permanent cure for certain dreaded diseases.

If the genes responsible for the exceptional qualities in some individuals can be discovered, these genes can be artificially...


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