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Tourism in Seychelles

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Tourism is defined as the movement of people from one place to another outside their usual habitat for more than 24 hours provided lodging, and food and beverages.
History said that the first travels were the nomads, and they travel on horses at that time, then other means of transport were created so does the growth of tourism, and other related jobs and businesses that we found today.
World tourism industry is an industry which is flourishing all over the world.   It is an industry that provided job for more than 234 million people around the world be it directly or tourism related, for some countries the pillar of the economy, such as Seychelles and many small island states.

The tourism industry can be described as the most fragile industry and yet the most economically profitable business globally that provide the most jobs.  
With the effect of climate change, the economic problem, rise of fuel price on the market etc, the industry must always be prepared for new challenges, therefore provide exceptional products will attract customers and exceed their needs and value for money.
However to meet or exceed the requirements, constant changes in travel and tourism policies need to be reframed and restructed.   September 11th, SARS, bird flu, tsunami, over the last few years, the global industry has been plagued by crises and disasters.   How you deal with changing circumstances will define whether you are a success or a failure in the tourism industry.

Seychelles on its part has not been left out in all the happenings, Seychelles being a popular destination among the European countries for its eco-tourism has so much to protect that tourism from all the crises and disaster that arise from the ever changing world. One of the most alarming changes is that of climate change.

Climate change can have a profound effect on tourism demand and tourism resources.   Although Small Island developing States are among the least responsible of all nations for climate...


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