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Tourism in the Pacific

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Q.:   When an island is first discovered it has good balanced ecosystems. After an island has been discovered by tourists, for its beaches, weather and price it soon changes as it has to cater for so many tourists.
In order to cater for so many tourists, roads, landing strips, hotels and shops are constructed. This impacts on the island negatively because it clears lots of natural land to make way for manmade structures and gets rid of all the natural beauty that is usually liked about natural islands.

As the island becomes more popular amongst tourists, there is a down side to having so many tourists. The down sides are: pollution, over population, damaged wildlife and stressed wildlife. Once the island becomes damaged it is not visited as frequently and the prices are much cheaper as they are trying to attract more visitors.

Since tourism is a large part of business in the pacific, it is not a very reliable trade as it is destroyed very easily and quickly. It is destroyed by natural disasters such as cyclones, tsunamis and volcanoes. Some islands lose tourists through terrorist attacks such as Bali. Garment industry is a much more reliable trade as it is not destroyed so easily and quickly.

Once an island has been destroyed it is not visited for a very long time which causes tourist to look for alternatives. It may be an alternative for a little while but it soon becomes a common holiday destination and it too gets developed to suit all the tourists and visitors.

In conclusion, when islands are discovered they’re developed to accommodate the needs of tourists, sometimes destroyed from disasters, growth and construction. Some islands are forgotten about during the period of reconstruction and the whole cycle starts over.


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