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Web Development; Quality or Quantity?

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Web development; Quality or Quantity?
A web designer is the person in charge of bringing to life the pages that users can view online, but this people is not only dedicated to give an attractive appearance to the pages also have to be aware of the limitations that browsers have and the incompatibilities between them.
Browsers are programs that let you view the information contained in a website, these programs interpret the HTML code that is written in the web page and presents it on screen, allowing the user to interact with its contents and navigate to other parts of the network through links or hyperlinks. (Definición ABC, 2009)
Currently there are approximately twenty browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape or Konqueror Navegator are most popular. (Servicios y recursos para tener éxito en Internet, 2010)
All browsers, regardless of the company regardless of the company that has created them or operating system for which browsers has been designed, must meet certain rules and a series of international standards. These standards are 'spelling' rules which, like every language, HTML code must comply. (Maestros del web, 2004)
If browsers respect the standards, when designers begin to write the code of a website, they do not have to worry about with which browser the end user opens the web because in all of them behaves the same way, the problem comes when the most used browser is the least respect these rules.
Nowaday there is a clear difference in popularity among all browsers. Internet explorer has approximately 60% of Internet users (La guía del Geek, 2010) and based on this superiority over the others has failed to meet certain international standards that make designers should consider before begin to program their website, for which type of browser they want to do their web , for Internet Explorer or others.
In this point is where the conflict begins.
There are many reasons why designers should develop...


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