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Ged210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Unit 2 Exam

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GED210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Unit 2 Exam
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1. One goal of anthropological linguistics is to determine the number of phonemes (phoneticstructure) that exist in different languages. This goal is accomplished by employing the use of:
• minimal pairs
• phone taps
• maximal differences
• syntax units

2. The word “lower” contains:
• two bound morphemes
• two bound phonemes
• two free morphemes
• one bound morpheme and one free morpheme

3. The words “boy” and “girl” are:
• bound phonemes
• bound morphemes
• free morphemes
• bound phones

4. An example of a bound morpheme in English is:
• the phrase “boys will be boys”
• the word “boys”
• the word “boy”
• the “s” in the word “boys”

5. How many morphemes are there in the English word “antidisestablishmentarianism”?
• 1
• 6
• 28
• 0

6. The goal of ethno semantics is to understand:
• that reality is inherently unorganized and can be perceived in any way; thus, color
naming, plant classification, and time categories are completely arbitrary
• the meanings of words, phrases, and sentences and how members of other societies use
language to organize things, events, and behaviors
• that languages and behavior are the same
• that classification systems in all societies are random

7. Linguistic anthropologists find that people who are forced to abandon their native language and culture:
• begin to lose their self-esteem
• all speak English
• are better off socially and economically
• easily regain both in 100 years

8. The concept of ____________ maintains that societal change occurs when societies borrow cultural traits from one another.
• functionalism
• structuralism


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