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Leg 500 Final Exam

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LEG 500 Final   Exam  

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Attempt Score 92 out of 100 points  

This exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 6 through 9.
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• Question 1
4 out of 4 points

Under the ___________ plan, the EPA auctions a set number of sulfur dioxide emission allowances annually, with each allowance permitting one ton of emissions.

• Question 2
4 out of 4 points

Shareholder activism includes which of the following?

• Question 3
4 out of 4 points

Eminent domain permits the “taking” of private property by the government under the following circumstances.

• Question 4
4 out of 4 points

Environmental Justice refers to

• Question 5
4 out of 4 points

When environmentalists recognized that politicians were not going to pass stricter legislation and regulations, they changed their tactics to force change.   According to the Layzer article in the chapter, these new tactics included:
I.           Eco-terrorism – bombing pipelines and factories.
II.         Collaboration with businesses – create partnerships to improve environmental impacts.
III.       Public relations campaigns – go public with their accusations and encourage consumers to demand change.
IV.       Work internally through shareholders to try to change corporate disclosures

• Question 6
4 out of 4 points

Which of the following “developing countries” were exempted by the Kyoto Treaty from following the initial emissions reductions standards?

• Question 7
4 out of 4 points

The “dependence effect” is based on which proposition.

• Question 8
4 out of 4 points

The original intent of brand expansion is to

• Question 9
4 out of 4 points

The American Association of Advertising Agencies as agreed to a code that...


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