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Man 373 Written Assignment 4

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MAN 373 Written Assignment 4
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Scenario: You are the Human Resources Director of Recruitment for XYZ Enterprise, and chosen to
develop an interview strategy to fill an open position of an Executive Assistant.
The purpose of this report is to advise the hiring committee of XYZ Enterprise of an interviewing
strategy to fill in the open position of Senior Level Executive Assistant. Our ordinary objective is to
present everyone involved in the hiring process with the most effective questions and selecting process in
an interview. The human Resources department is responsible for reviewing resumes and scheduling
interviews for potential employee candidates. All interviews of potential candidates are conducted in the
accordance with the EEO (Equal Employee Opportunity) Act. XYZ Enterprise is an equal opportunity
employer and has always followed a stricter set of guidelines. Complete allegiance to the guidelines is
necessary and any inclinations removed. It is of most importance that this position and the possible
problems of hiring the best competent professional for this role considered.
Candidate applications and resumes obtained through several job postings on primary job
recruiting websites. The Human Resources department selects the best candidates for the initial in person
or virtual interview. From the selected available candidates, they were able to narrow it down to the top
five chosen by the committee for the second interview. After the second round of interviews is completed,
the top two candidates will be scheduled for a meeting with the Vice President of XYZ Enterprise for the
final decision.
RUNNING HEAD: Employment Interview Strategy
Job Description & Requirements
A Senior Level...


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