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Unit One Written Assignment

Canadian citizens have come to believe that Canada was born in 1867, when in fact it was born in 1532. This is not the only theory that they have been lead to accept. Also, there have been lies about the division in Quebec and “the tear between its old continental nationalism and its more recent, narrower, territorial nationalism.”   Over 475 years ago, the ancestors of Canada roamed the Prairies, explored the Rockies and traveled the Mississippi River. They wrote the national anthem, “O’ Canada,” in which Canadians still stand for today, and declared the maple leaf our national symbol in which Canadians and people all over the world see as the representation of Canada. Raymond Giroux from Le Soleil, states that it is shameful for the Quebecois to want to separate from Canada, their history and their culture. In recent history, 60 % of the Quebecois considered themselves French Canadians and feel a sense of national loyalty toward Canada and therefore voted not to separate. Being a part of a nation and feeling pride and loyalty towards that nation shapes you to be who you are and what your values are. For example, many Canadians show patriotism by celebrating Canada Day.

In 1990, The Mohawks of Oka, Quebec started a protest defending what they claimed to be their own, sacred land. The Quebec government wanted to expand a golf course onto this land and had no interest in reasoning with the Mohawks. This battle stood for four months.   On July 11th, Quebec’s police force was dispersed and the army was sent it due to a shooting that killed a police officer. The protest finally ended on September 26. Although the government gave ownership of the land to the Mohawks, there was still conflict between the Aboriginals and the people of Kanesatake. However, the Mohawks were fighting for their culture and identity as they stood up to defend their sacred land. They feel loyal to the land and therefore defended it in order not to lose a sense...


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