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Bam 421 Operations Management Unit 1 Examination

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BAM 421 Operations Management Unit 1 Examination
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1. Reasons to study Operations Management include learning about _______________.
• a costly part of the enterprise
• what operations managers do
• how goods and services are produced
• how people organize themselves for productive enterprise
• All of the above

2. An operations manager is not likely to be involved in ______________.
• the quality of goods and services to satisfy customers’ wants and needs
• the design of goods and services to satisfy customers’ wants and needs
• the identification of customers’ wants and needs
• maintenance schedules
• work scheduling to meet the due dates promised to customers

3. Which of the following are part of the Ten Critical Decisions of Operations Management?
4. design of goods and services
5. managing quality
III. layout strategy
1. marketing
2. pricing of goods and services
All of the abov

4. Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to _______________.
• time and motion studies
• material requirements planning
• assembly line operations
• statistical quality control
• scientific management

5. Which of the following is the best example of a pure service?
• electric co-op
• counseling
• oil change
• heart transplant
• All of the above

6. Which is not true regarding differences between goods and services?
• Goods tend to have higher customer interaction than services.
• Services tend to be more knowledge-based than goods.
• Services are generally produced and consumed simultaneously; tangible goods are not.
• Services tend to have a more inconsistent product definition than goods.
• None of the above are true...


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