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Week 2 Devry

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ENGL 135 Information Literacy Module Assignment Week 2 DeVry

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ENGL 135 Information Literacy Module Assignment Week 2 DeVry

Use the library databases to retrieve an article from the Course Theme Reading List on the topic you selected last week. If you are considering a new topic, confirm your choice with your professor. Once you retrieve the article, print it or save a local copy of the full text article to your hard drive so that you can refer to the contents of the article offline. ..
In your own words, identify points in the peer review cycle that seem especially important and explain why?
The most important points in the power point peer review cycle are as follows: creating an idea, researching said idea, peer reviewing the work, and the publication of the idea. The peer review cycle begins with a person and a new idea.   Without an original idea there wouldn’t be a peer review cycle to begin with.   The second most important point in the peer review cycle would be a peer…
Based on this information, explain whether your article for this week was peer reviewed? How can you determine this information?
I can determine that my article was peer reviewed because of several reasons.   The first reason being that any peer reviewed article can be found in journals both online and in print (which mine was). These articles are written by experts in a field of study and tend to be longer, more in-depth then articles you find in newspapers and magazines. Secondly, scholarly articles are…
As you work on your research in this class, where specifically can you look to find peer-reviewed information?
Many databases, including DeVry’s library database, allow you to limit your search…


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