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Engl 227 Discussions All 7 Weeks All Students Posts 326 Pages Professional Writing Devry

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ENGL 227 Discussions ALL 7 Weeks ALL Students Posts 326 Pages Professional Writing DeVry

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ENGL 227 Discussions ALL 7 Weeks ALL Students Posts 326 Pages Professional Writing DeVry

ENGL 227 Process-Oriented Writing Discussions 1 Week 1 Posted by ALL Students 26 Pages DeVry

What are some strategies we can use to analyze our audiences?   At which stage in the writing process should we analyze the audience?   What does it mean to use a “process-oriented approach” in writing? Why is this approach advantageous? Is it equally as important to write a professional email as it is say a memorandum or letter?   Explain.   What would a professional email look like?…
ENGL 227 Formatting Business Messages Discussions 2 Week 1 Posted by ALL Students 23 Pages DeVry

When we shop online are there certain precautions we should take to protect our identity? Would this apply to simple correspondence via email or other electronic methods to others?   Consider successful business messages you’ve received, either as a professional or a customer. How did the formatting of those messages affect their level of success?…
ENGL 227 Process-Oriented Writing and Formatting Business Messages Discussions Week 1 DeVry

ENGL 227 Positive and Neutral Messages Discussions 1 Week 2 Posted by ALL Students 25 Pages DeVry

Is there a difference between being direct and using the direct approach that your text mentions? Most messages we write in the workplace fall into the category of positive or neutral communications. Examples include routine requests, informative or good news announcements, replies to inquiries, messages granting claims, letters of recommendation, and general goodwill messages. What are some strategies for writing these common types of messages successfully?…
ENGL 227 Electronic...


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