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Must Strict Teachers Produce Outstanding Students?

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There is a well-known Chinese saying which translates into English as “Strict teachers produce outstanding students?” In my opinion, this saying is partly correct. Below are some of my views.

  First, I want to define what an outstanding student is. I think an outstanding student not only has good academic results but also has good discipline as well as balanced development in various aspects. Second, I think a strict teacher offers strict and quite harsh training to the students to train students in different aspects.

  Undoubtedly, strict teachers can produce outstanding students in some cases, when the students are obedient to the strict teachers, Strict teachers may provide exercise to the students after teaching and force them to do. This can make sure that the students will do the exercise. Those students who work hard can learn and understand what they have learnt through the exercise. In addition, strict teachers emphasize good discipline such as handing in homework on time, keeping silence in class and having good studying attitude. If those outstanding factors can be achieved, outstanding students can be produced. In general, strict teachers offer trainings to students which are of higher standards and requirements than other learning methods. This training method is efficient only if it is suitable for the students, and only if the students are obedient enough.

  However, this training method is not suitable for all students. As seen, not all students produced by strict teachers are outstanding students. In other words, strict teachers also produce students that are not outstanding. They may have good academic results but are not all-rounded or self-disciplined. That is why I think the saying in not totally correct. I believe different training methods suit different students. Some students need harsh training methods, other may love mild training methods more and some may like more interesting methods. For the students who cannot study well...


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