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Teachers' Salaries Should Be Based on Their Students' Academic Performance.

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Teachers' salaries should be based on their students' academic performance.

Education touches every aspect of human activity and today there are unending controversies against it. These continual questions concerning academic success and how academic success is emphasized in our society, and the students assessment and achievement gap are also the great critical challenges faced by teachers, schools and society. As we can notice, on a global scale, the national education system are trying to solve those problems and to bring out the best in the next generations by introducing a teacher payment system that teachers’ salaries will be determined by their students’ academic achievements as the statement mentioned.

The statement is based on the assumption that teachers will apply greater expertise, demanding requirements and bring an expansion of educational opportunities and qualities to all students if teachers could be motivated by a nice income. Accordingly, the general average level of students academic performance could be improved to a large extent.

This practice, however, overlooks the fundamental purpose of education is that conducting students to become thoughtful, responsible and productive citizens but rather indicates that a teacher’s essential goal is to improve students’ test scores. A teacher’s professional work is far away beyond that and it should involve cultivating personal characters of students, passing knowledge in regards to how to deal with personal relationship with peers, how to handle life challenges and exigencies they may confront later. In addition, what teachers also need to concern are how to inspire their students and help them to build confidence, which probably are more important than merely focusing on their academic studies. Because, in the end, only those students with comprehensive abilities would be favored by society.

An underlying serious problem brought by this policy needs to be mentioned is that there will be...


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