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Student Teachers

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Student Teachers
Week 1
  * Become familiar with the school.
  * Observe in classroom(s).
  * Assist with individual or small groups of students and classroom routines; discuss observations with Mentor Teacher.
  * Co-plan and/or team-teach lessons with the Mentor Teacher.
  * Plan and teach at least two lessons.
  * Begin to assume some of the Mentor Teacher's responsibilities in and out of class, up to 50% by week 3.
  * Plan a process for reflections, e.g., daily conversations with Mentor Teacher, review of written Professional Reflections.
  * Discuss Field Experience expectations with Mentor Teacher and University Facilitator.
  * Arrange to obtain Program of Studies, resources required to teach lessons, information about students that will affect planning; develop an understanding of these materials.
  * Structure and keep an organized Planbook. Share format with Mentor Teacher and University Facilitator.
  * Begin to explore opportunities to interact with students, e.g., supervision, clubs, intramural sports
  * Explore the role of a professional teacher.
  * Reflect; consider basing your reflections on the components of the Midpoint Self-Evaluation.
  * Meet with University Facilitator.
  * Participate in cohort meeting with other Student Teachers.

Week 2
  * Assume some of the Mentor Teacher's responsibilities in and out of class, up to 50% by week 3.
  * Co-plan and team-teach with the Mentor Teacher.
  * Independently plan and teach lessons within ongoing units.
  * Begin unit planning.
  * Explore effective classroom management techniques.
  * Explore a variety of techniques for measuring student progress.
  * Continue ongoing written Professional Reflections.
  * Meet with University Facilitator and attend weekly cohort meeting.
  * Begin to meet with other Student Teachers to plan the School Project.
  * Plan additions to a Professional Teaching Portfolio.

Week 3


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