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Mgt 605 Clc Assignment

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MGT 605 CLC assignment
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It is not unusual for organizations to have several people in leadership roles who participate in collaborative decision making for the benefit of the entire organization. Effective decision making is a critical component of successful project completion. Now that you made your individual selections for the West Coast Transit marketing team, your job is to present your choices to the rest of the management team and together make a decision about the best team to recommend to your director. Surprisingly though, as your team convenes, a directive is issued informing management that only four people will be able to staff the team, which will of course increase the pressure on the remaining team members.
In teams of five, individuals should share the vision for a successful West Coast Transit marketing team, which they composed in Module 3. Once each individual has made a case, together, the CLC must negotiate and select a team of four to present to the director. As the management team, the CLC must also decide which strategies will be most effective for leading the agreed upon team. Compose a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides) with a justification for the CLC’s team selection and summary of the decision-making process that addresses the following:
1. Who are the four team members and what was the primary reason each person was selected?
2. What are the primary strengths of the team? What are its potential weaknesses? How positive is the management team about the team’s potential? Justify your answers with evidence from “West Coast Transit Team Member Profiles.”
3. What strategies does the management team agree will be most effective for motivating the team, managing conflict, and ensuring...


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