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Bus2023 Week 5 Assignment 1: Leadership and Motivation

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BUS2023 Week 5 Assignment 1: Leadership and Motivation
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Assignment 1: Leadership and Motivation

You were recently appointed as a new manager.   You face a number of issues in your new position.   Please address each.
The previous manager used a transactional leadership approach, which has been relatively ineffective. Evaluate one leadership style and describe which you would take.
An experienced executive assistant discovered that she made the same amount of money as a newly hired janitor.   Consider the role the human resources department plays in driving organization performance.   What HR strategies would you employ to address this?
To keep people motivated in a tough economic environment, the company has shifted from annual to semiannual bonuses.   Do you think offering semiannual bonuses is a good way to motivate the kind of behaviors organizations need to survive the economic downturn?   What might be some potential problems associated with this approach?   What other strategies would you use?
Post your answers in paragraph form (minimum of 500-600 words) to all the questions located at the end of the case study to the Discussion Area by Saturday, June 11, 2016. Be sure to justify your responses by using material from your weekly readings. Participate in the class discussion by providing meaningful substantive feedback to two of your peers.


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