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Master Camander

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The book “Master and Commander” written by Patrick O’Brien takes place in 1805 during the Napoleonic wars. In the beginning it starts of at port Mahon, Minorca which is a naval port in the Mediterranean Sea owned by the British royal navy. At this time England and France were at war. From the port, Jack Aubrey recruits members for his crew and sets off to complete convoy duties west of the Mediterranean Sea along the western coast of Europe. After their convoy duties they search for French merchant boats independently all across the Atlantic Ocean but in the book they were mainly in the northern area near Europe. All together the book setting is mainly concentrated in the Mediterranean Sea, western European coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

In the movie “Master and Commander’ directed by Peter Weir the setting is different. It takes place during 1805 and the entire movie takes place on the sea and in islands across the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the book the crew travels to southern America as well.
In the book master and commander there the characters are mainly part of the British or French navy with the exception of some people who joined jacks crew. The main characters are Jack Aubrey the captain of the Sophie (a ship), Stephen Maturin (the ship surgeon, the rest of the crew (some ordinary seamen), and Lord Keith who is the admiral who was introduced at fort Mahon. There are also a few others who are not main characters but are mentioned such as captain George heanage dundas who is friends with Jack and Mr. Williams who is the administrator at port mahon. Each character is unique and full of surprises for example at the beginning jack and Stephen did not get along well but after they ended up needed each other and becoming best friends during there travel to defeat the French navy.

In the movie there are much less characters. The story is strictly focused on jacks and his adventurous, unlike the book were it explained what was going during...


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