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Refractory Plastics for Heating Furnaces

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Furnace is used to bloom blanks, continuous casting billet, small steel ingot, slab heating to the required temperature of the thermal equipment.
The furnace body components of the furnace mainly include furnace top, furnace wall, furnace bottom, discharge end and feeding end, slope slipping, front wall brackets, slippery and curved slide rails, , The bottom of the water pipes, chute pipes, flues and chimneys, stove and steel structure and so on, in addition to a combustion device, air supply systems, heat exchangers, push steel and so on.
Furnace temperature is generally below 1400 ° C, for continuous and ring furnace, it can be divided into low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, or preheating, heating and soaking section, the use of temperature Respectively, 800-900 ° C / 1150-1400 ° C / 1200-1300 ° C.
Refractory plastic is a longer time in a high plasticity was hard mud paste-like unshaped refractory, it is a certain level of the refractory aggregate, fine powder, the right amount of binder, plasticizer, save Agent and water.
In recent years, China's large and medium-sized steel enterprises in the rolling mill furnace top, wall lining work on the overall use or part of the use of refractory plastic can provide the service life of the furnace, and achieved good economic returns.
Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co., Ltd. Located in Henan Province,China.ChangXing's product portfolio covers shaped products such as refractory materials,refractory brick, refractory castable,refractory nozzle, ceramic fiber, slide gate, etc; unshaped products including repair, construction and casting mixes and mortars.exported to more than 20 countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and so on.



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