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High Industrial Talc Mill Plastic Processing Industry Status

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In many industries and fields to be related to the powder , the powder can be said that technology is one of the basic technical support for high-tech . The so-called powder technology includes two aspects, one is the powder particles in the design and manufacturing technology , and second, the powder processing techniques , namely, how to be able to add the powder to other substances , to play its unique role. Superfine mesh talc masterbatch into the plastic lining , can significantly increase the rigidity and creep resistance , scratch resistance and surface hardness , heat resistance and thermal deformation temperature , relatively fine talc of plastic products can also improve the impact strength of plastics . And further added with the lubricant , can play the role of promoting the flow , to improve the processing of plastics .
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impact crusher:http://www.mill-crushers.com/Stone_Crushing/Impact_crusher.html
1 talc filled polypropylene commonly used . Talc, a sheet having a sheet-like structure of the configuration . Therefore, fine-grained talc filler reinforced polypropylene can be used . In the modified system of polypropylene , ultrafine talc masterbatch added only to significantly improve the rigidity, surface hardness, heat resistance , creep resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability, polypropylene articles , the polypropylene can also improve impact strength. In the automotive industry , adding talc masterbatch polypropylene composite material is used for the fan , heater cover, conduits, heat battery plate , a fluid pump , etc.; aircraft industry, for the refrigerator door liner , heating devices and vacuum hood, washing machine agitator ; in the electrical industry, housing a variety of instruments for injection molding and electrical components.
2 talc in the polyethylene resin. Talc is a natural silicate, four grain type : fibrous, lamellar , and the standard...


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