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What About the Price and Technology of Dryers?

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Nowadays, dryer manufacturers can be found everywhere in China, in fact, it has a great relationship with the stage of China’s current development strategy. China’s secondary industry is still accounted for a large proportion in contribution to GDP. After the economic crisis in the United States, the vast Chinese market, adequacy capital, adequate labor and other advantages provide a good trend for China’s industrial development. There are many kinds of dryers, it is in the following as:Sawdust dryer is composed of   hot stove, feeding port, rotating cylinder, filter cartridges, material conveying pipe, cooling tube and discharging port; the rotating cylinder is located in the active roller which takes low-speed rotation; the feeding port is set between heating furnaces and rotary cylinder and the rotating cylinder is equipped with a fry blade and the baffle has an orifice; one end of the filter cartridge is connected to the rotating cylinder and the other end is connected to the material conveying pipe.compared to foreign dryer market, dryer manufacturing in China has many advantages. Dryer technology in China has gradually developed into sophisticated and can meet the requirements of a variety of levels in various industries. Moreover, the price of similar foreign products is lower in China, which will speed up the development of dryer. Dryer has features of big size, heavy weight, and difficult to repair, so the nearby purchase of equipment is more convenient for majority of domestic users.In accordance with the relevant data, drying accounts for 16% energy consumption in industry of developed countries, especially, drying energy consumption in mining industry can even up to 40%, which indicates that the rotary dryer manufacturing has a vital role in modern production. For many industries, drying equipment is only an auxiliary device with low output value, but with the expansion of the field of industrial production and the diversity and complexity of processing...


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