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Uses of Refractory Bricks and Operating Temperature

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Refractory brick manufacturers that stereotypes refractories, high strength, simple construction, use a wide range, easy to draw for a variety of industrial furnaces masonry, its use and use of different temperatures.
1. Ordinary refractory clay brick physical and chemical indicators, size tolerances and shape products section spall, should comply with the norms.
Ordinary refractory clay bricks are used in the refractory masonry of general kilns. Lining materials, furnace wall, bottom, flue and other operating temperature below 1250 ℃. Combustion chamber site, allowing the use of 1400 ℃ or more.
2. High-alumina brick physical and chemical indicators, product dimensions, tolerances, etc., should be in line with norms. High-alumina brick used in general furnace high temperature, wear-resistant areas or load larger masonry, brick and brick masonry special requirements. Combustion chamber high temperature area of the vault, allowing the use of temperature 1300 ~ 1650 ℃.
3. Light-weight clay brick physical and chemical indicators, product size tolerance and shape products of the cross-section requirements should be consistent with the norms. Lightweight refractory clay brick, as not from high-temperature molten slag and erosive gas erosion furnace lining, according to the capacity of different temperature between 1150 ~ 1400 ℃.
4. Light and high-alumina brick physical and chemical indicators, size tolerances should be consistent with the norms. For the working temperature of less than 1350 ℃ heat-resistant lining, can also be used for high temperature melt erosion and erosion of the masonry can be directly in contact with the flame.
5. General corundum brick for working pressure 3MPa below the heavy oil gasifier to the fire surface lining, salt water waste incinerator lining an important part of the work under high temperature radiation burner brick. General corundum brick temperature in the 1600 ~ 1670 ℃ below.
6. Low silicon fused corundum for strong reducing...


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