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Smoke Signals

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Smoke Signals
Honestly, I was expecting the movie to be boring and uninteresting. Surprisingly, my assumption was wrong. It was a very touching and human movie that conveys a wonderful message about families and coming to terms that some things in families less than perfect. The acting in this movie was witty, funny, serious and heartbreaking all at the same time. Even though this is a movie about Native American culture, it is a movie that talks to everyone no matter what his or her ethnic background may be.
In the movie there is Victor, the main character, who tries to be the typical Indian, or maybe just a typical man. He shows an intense hatred towards his father, who left Victor and his mother alone and fled to Phoenix. The picture Victor has about his father is that he was an alcoholic and always tried to talk with his fists. On the other hand, there is Thomas, the other main character. He lives a mystical life and is far more emotional than Victor. Thomas has another point of view about Victor's father. He remembered him as a nice guy. When Victor's father died, Thomas offered money to help Victor to go to Phoenix and get his father's ashes and belongings, as long as he could go with Victor. Along the way, the two discover a little about themselves as Indians. “Don’t you even know how to be a real Indian?”-Victor asks Thomas, “First of all,” Victor continues, “Quit grinning like an idiot. Indians aren’t supposed to smile like that. Get stoic.” After arriving to the place where Victor’s father ashes are, Victor meets a woman named Suzy. Even though she said so many good things about his father and about things he was afraid of, Victor did not want to show any compassion for his father. However, after the accident on the road, he begins to better understand who his father was. He begins to learn that his father was only human and did the best he could with what he had or knew. Forgiveness for his father and renewed friendship with Thomas takes place when...


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