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Road Not Taken

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When you think about the life you have, do you wonder what would happen if you had changed something? We all have choices that need to be made but, often, we think about the road we did not take. A monumental decision in my life was going to a small college instead of a University. This was not as easy as one would would think as I tested the boundries of a path. My colligate experiences consist of two schools one of which, is larger than the other. However, this did not last and I returned and am now writing this assignment. Adelphi University gave me insights and opportunites in both education and craft; yet, a sense of character and individuality eventually was lost, being a number at a desk. Furthermore, the realization occurs that you were in the same place that you started. These paths made all the difference. Choices were made for different reasons but in the end, you find yourself in full circle. Robert Frost's poem “The Road Not Taken” is a tale that speaks to everyone that takes the “relative” hard way. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, {text:bookmark} And sorry I could not travel both {text:bookmark} and be one traveler” (Frost)
Often, you want to take a quick glance down one path just to see where you're going but to no avail. My desire for schooling on a larger collegiate playing field, in the middle of my academic carreer had reprocussions for me in the long run as I have been in school for six years instead of four. The idea to travel both paths and be one traveler was obviously meant to fail, returning me to a small school. Yet, I took the other just as fair upon the realization that; In the words of Einstien, It was all relative.
Frost offers a compelling statement. Is the path you are travelling on as adequate as the other path? Or, is it how you remember the journey and what you take from it. “I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence...And that has made all the difference.” (Frost) The choice I made to return to...


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