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An advocate of the extension of political voting rights, especially to women.


alaska boundary dispute

A dispute between the United States and Canada over the boundary between British Columbia and the Alaska panhandle was decided by an Alaska Boundary Tribunal in 1903. The U.S. view that the border should lie along the crest of the Boundary Ranges was accepted, and boundary mapping was mostly completed by 1913. Between 1898 and 1900 a narrow-gauge railroad was built across White Pass to link.


Ethnocentrism is the tendency to look at the world primarily from the perspective of one's own culture. It is defined as the viewpoint that "one's own group is the center of everything," against which all other groups are judged. Ethnocentrism often entails the belief that one's own race or ethnic group is the most important and/or that some or all aspects of its culture are superior to those of other groups.


Head tax

The Chinese head tax was a fixed fee charged for each chinese person entering canada. The head tax was first levied after the Canadian Government passed the chines imegration act of 1885

Komagata Maru

Komagata Maru was a steamship owned by the Shinyei Kisen Goshi Kaisa of Japan. She was built as a cargo ship in 1890 and had previously been known as both SS Stubbenhuk and SS Sicilia while sailing for two different German owners. She was later renamed Heian Maru. She was wrecked at Cape Soyedomari, Hokkaido Japan, on 11 February 1926.



Assimilation is a common phonological process by which the phonetics of a speech segment becomes more like that of another segment in a word (or at a word boundary).



The quantity of workable mineral or of gas or oil which is calculated to lie within given boundaries.


Trade Unions

Association of workers to promote and protect the welfare, interests, and rights of its members; also called labor...


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