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Matt Hartnett

February 26, 2010

English 345

Prof. Calabrese

Malcolm X: Voice of Black Self Image

  I. Introduction

  II. Thesis: Throughout the transformation of the life of Malcolm X including his days as Malcolm Little, Detroit Red and eventually as Malcolm X, he learned the ways in which blacks were oppressed.   It was not until his days as Malcolm X   that he realized the path to black self- image and self-reliance was the nation of Islam.

  A. Malcolm Little

  i. In this phase he discovered that he was not of equal status as whites.   This was despite some of the best grades in his class, he was told by his teacher that the thought of being a lawyer.

  ii. His father was killed swiftly and violently.   Still believed and is convinced that it was   racially motivated.

  B. Detroit Red

  i. In this phase he learned that making over 5,000 a year was unusual for a negro yet he was able to hit similar numbers peddling reefers to musicians in Harlem.

  ii. Observed blacks who mutilated their bodies to look white.

iii. White patrons frequented the same clubs as Malcolm.

  iv. Explains a “conk,” which is any use of a attachment like a wig which covers up one’s blackness.

  C. Malcolm X

  i. Preaches that Islam encourages education to those who sorely need it.

  ii. Gives a national unity/pride in black America.

iii. Encourages self-reliance like having black run businesses that helps the community.

III. Conclusion


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