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Alcohol vs. Marijuana

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Is alcohol really bad? What about marijuana? We should really think

about this. Should alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine really be considered drugs just

like cocaine and marijuana. Marijuana is illegal because there once were some

people who thought it was damaging for our health. Then why is alcohol legal, it

kills more people than marijuana does. Alcohol is more damaging then

marijuana. They should make it legal.   How bad can marijuana be, right!

        During the past years, alcohol has killed more people then marijuana. There

hasn’t been any deaths recorded by smoking marijuana. There are clearly

thousands of deaths by liver disease because of drinking alcohol but there is no

evidence that a person has over dose from smoking too much marijuana.

        When your drinking you kill brain cells when you drink one beer, you don’t  

kill your brain cells by smoking marijuana you just calm them, they will come

back after a few days. While marijuana does cause short term memory loss

during intoxication but, there is no proven long term effects. Alcohol and some

medicines are more damaging to your health than smoking marijuana. If young

teenagers smoke marijuana it can slow down there growth, just like alcohol does.

        When you smoke marijuana, you don’t want to go and do something stupid,

you just want to sit down and relax or just go out for a walk. That’s what

marijuana is suppose to do. Relax you! But when you drink too many beers

some people just go out and get violent and can not control themselves when

they’re drunk. People can become aggressive and end up doing something

they’re going to regret. And you can stop smoking whenever you want to and
with alcohol you can’t stop drinking. Alcohol is addicting and marijuana isn’t.

        When people smoke Marijuana they see the world in a different way, but

still can remember it. Not like alcohol, if you drink too much...


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