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Intros and Conclusions

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{draw:frame} Introductions and conclusions
The assignments you will undertake in university will require you to write in a well structured way. Nearly all forms of writing require the structure of beginning (introduction), middle (main body), and end (concl*usion). Use this guide for i*ntroductions* and conclusions*, along with the Paragraphs** guide (for main body paragraph structure), to learn how to structure your writing so that it makes sense in the most effective way.
A good introduction will give the reader a clear indication of what the piece will contain (i.e. what will follow in the main body and conclusion). Written well, the introduction will make the reader want to read on. In any case, it should allow the reader to make a decision as to whether what follows is relevant to them. It should prepare the reader for what follows. However, an introduction should be mainly viewed as an introduction to the essay rather than the subject as such. Laying the background is part of the main body development of the argument and so should appear there.
Below are two introductions to an essay addressing the question, ‘Should boxing be banned on medical grounds?’ Which one is the better one and why? Compare your comments to ours below.
B Boxing is an archaic sport which has no place in a modern society. It should be banned because people get killed. Anyone who wants to watch two people beat each other unconscious is uncivilised. There are lots of other reasons why boxing should be banned too.
Top tips for introductions:
  Be sure to signpost the main areas that will follow in the main   body of the essay i.e. introduce the essay
      Give an idea of the overall conclusion you have come to
      Leave background or foundation points to the beginning of   the main body
A good essay will have a main body where the main points are made. In other words, this is the section where the step by step argument narrows...


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