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3 Rituals

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3 Rituals
          In my life, I perform many rituals. On a day to day basis, I may perform rituals that I am not even aware that I am performing. I perform three rituals that I am aware of and I do sometimes on a daily but at least weekly. The three rituals I perform are eating rice everyday with my family, play XBOX live, and go to church.
          Everyday, I eat rice with my family. My parents are from the Philippines and when they were living there, they performed this ritual. This ritual brings us together because we come together as a family. Also, the best way to spend time with people is to eat.
          After school and on the weekends, I go on my XBOX and sign into live. I do this everyday usually. I do this to get my source of entertainment and to spend time by myself or with my friends who are also on XBOX. When I play XBOX with my friends, we work together as a team when we play any game which gives each of us teamwork skills on XBOX and the real world.
          Every Sunday, I go to church with my family. We are a religious family. We are a Roman Catholic family. Every Sunday, we go to Church and pray to our Lord and Savior. Church also brings my family together again which is a great thing. Spending time with your family and God at the same time is a wonderful thing.
          In conclusion, I performs many rituals. Everyone has there own rituals they perform. Rituals to me are very important. Performing them everyday or weekly is still as special as the last time I did the ritual.


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