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The Zulues in South-Africa

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Nobody knows how long there have been people living in the

southern part of the African mainland. Experts dates foundings of

irontools in the Swaziland to the 4th century. Sailors who were

shipwrecked outside the coast of South-Africa had contact with people who

earned their living by farming and cattlebreeding. Later on when the

Europeans arrived to South-Africa, they found a people on the east coast

of Natal who called themselves" A ma zulu". These people were tall and

very atleticly build, they could take great effort in both hunting and war

and their knowledge to the nature was incredable.

The Zulu tribe was once one of South-Africas biggest and most

powerful tribes and they managed to stand up against the British until

they lost the Zulu war in 1897. The tribes defece system was wery simmular

to the system we have in Norway today. The troops were devided into

regiments according to their age. And they got military training in

diffrent parts of the country, just as we do in Norway today.

The Zulues want to keep their tradition and identity alive, but they have

a lot to struggle against. The lack of land and the demands from the

whites way of life has disturbed their old way of living based on

cattlebreeding and farming. The majority of the Zulues today live in the

villages near by the mines and the cities where they have their work,

others work on farms owned by whites.

The zulu society has lost a lot of its stability. But one thing they

havent lost is the solidarity to their fellow tribe members, and they are

all very keen on maintaining their old cultur, inheritated threw


The Zulues are traditionally polygame. They live on farms in huts

made of grass and each and every wife has one or two of the huts, one to

sleep in an the other...


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