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Family Literacy Services in South Africa

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Thank you madam chair. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The title of the presentation is Soshanguve Family Literacy Service: a forwarding step to true African Renaissance. When we talk of the Renaissance of Africa, we speak of advances in science and technology, development and flowering of knowledge and a blossoming of the arts in Africa. It is a break from the long held dogma that still weighs down the African mind and spirit, declaring that Africans are incapable of initiative, creativity, individuality, and entrepreneurship. It means a break from oppressive historical legacy of poverty, hunger, backwardness and marginalisation in the struggle to economic regeneration.

We have come together in this conference on Higher Education and Economic Regeneration organised by Tabeisa knowing that the knowledge and material resources exist in human society today to overcome and eradicate poverty, illiteracy and underdevelopment in Africa.

The formation of Tabeisa in itself is a declaration of hope that the leadership of countries of the world is committed to eradicate poverty, achieve sustained economic growth and promote sustainable development as we advance to a true Renaissance of Africa and inclusive and equitable global economic system thus facilitating improvement of people's lives everywhere, through sustainable development.

We do not accept that human society should be constructed on the basis of savage animalistic principles of the survival of the fittest - dog eat dog world, you snooze you loose, kill or be killed. We belief that humans should support one another.

We are happy that such a formidable force, Tabeisa exist that partners and networks with African institutions in the work of economic regeneration and the development of Africa, especially through the twin programmes of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Knowledge and material resources the world has for economic regeneration and development.

The question...


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