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Dreams from My Father Barack Obama

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Traits of a Lion
Loyal. Intelligent. Traits that are common between two men. These men have been used as examples of these great words for a long time. These men are undoubtedly Marcus Antonious (AKA Mark Antony) and Barrack Obama. One tries to persuade the plebeians that the conspirators were wrong and should be persecuted while lying to the same conspirators to save his life. The other tells the truth only the truth trying to convince the people that he is the right person for the presidency. They both have been loyal to the people, they both have always stood up for what they believe in not for the sake of what makes them popular but what will create a better society that we live in. They both tried different ways to execute their desired dreams however one tries to lie to the conspirators to save his life while deceiving them and trying to lead to their persecution and the other tries to lead a life of truth while trying to create a better place for us to live.

Men that are loyal always overcome to Barrack Obama and Mark Antony have always said what was on their minds. Mark Antony is known for being a noble man and for this Caesar insures complete trust in him. Antony is a strong- willed leader who only believes in what is right, not what is popular. Antony loved Caesar and would do anything for him. Antony even deceived Brutus into believing he agreed with him and the other conspirators to save his life. When he talks to the plebeians he states that he loves Rome and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt it, also he states that Brutus says that he was honorable and that Caesar wasn’t but Antony argued with his passion that he loved Caesar and if he wasn’t honorable why did he reject the crown three times, because he wanted to be a person not a king. He spoke what the plebeians didn’t want to hear but he said it instead of being with the conspirators he was with himself and his own morals because he was loyal to Caesar. Similarly Barrack Obama is loyal to the...


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