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Obama and Race

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Since the inception of the United States, martial status amongst differing ethnicities has always played a heavy importance in the political and social perspectives of the country. Pre 1960’s, bi-racial relationships were hidden from public eye, stricken from social freedom, fearful of persecution, relaying the idea of inferiority throughout the African American community. Only until the Civil Right movement in the 1960’s did the emergence of a sanctified biracial relationship become acceptable. President Barak Obama exemplifies this ideal of martial freedom, coming from the mother of white ethnicity and a father of African American decent, Obama’s parent’s highlighted this new found social freedom. Even though biracial couples were free to interact openly, resulting children-like President Obama- still faced difficulty in discovering their cultural, social and political place in society.
The two disciplinarians our group is using to show how President Obama’s interracial upbringing has caused difficulty for him to find his cultural and social place in society is sociology and culture.  Sociology is the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships (Meriden Dictionary).  Sociology is important when looking at President Obama because it shows how social institutions and relationships created an inner crisis for him to define himself. It also shows how President Obama being raised by his white side of the family caused a culture crisis for him growing up. This brings us to our second discipline, culture, which helps us see how Obama was having difficulty finding a place in society. Culture is the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group (Meriden Dictionary). This shows how he was trying to find his blackness. These two disciplinarians will come together to show how President Obama as a mixed child has struggled to define himself.
Stemming from interracial parents, President Barak Obama has...


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