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Scruffy, the little gray and white dog, didn’t know why he was in this cage. All this noise, barking, meowing, even neighing at times. Where was his soft little bed and his nice lady? This place didn’t smell like home. People kept coming by his cage. He kept getting up to see if it was his lady but it wasn’t. Most were little children that were very loud and scared him. Scruffy became very sad and just lay on the towel in his cage. After a few days a lady came to his kennel and spoke with him.

“You look very sad little dog”

Scruffy raised his ears because the voice was very soft and reminded him of his lady. He crept to the front of his cage and smelled the hand extended. He wagged his tail a little. The nice lady kept speaking softly

“I think you need a friend”.

Scruff’s ears drooped when she walked away. He slunk back to his towel and put his head down trying to shut out the noises and the smells. Suddenly, there was a clink as someone opened his cage. It was the man who cleaned the cage and fed him, but it wasn’t feeding time.

“Come on boy, time to go” The man looped a rope over his head and began to walk away. Scruffy pulled a little on the lead but went with the man. There were many people in the hall and a big dog coming his way. He went behind the man to hide. The man picked him up and said kindly “it’s all right. You’re getting a new home.” He opened a door to a smaller room and there was the lady sitting on the floor. The man put him down. “He’s a little scared”

The lady reached out her hand and spoke softly   “Scruffy, it’s alright, I won’t hurt you” Scruffy crept slowly towards the outstretched hand and sniffed. It smelled so nice. She didn’t try to grab him or pull at him so he came closer. The lady began to pet him softly and slowly. It felt so good. Scruffy came closer it felt so good. He liked the lady. He sat down right next to her. The man in the corner said “He was a surrender, his older owner went to the hospital and there...


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