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How Do the Writers of the Bible Explain God as Creator

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Charlotte Goulding 12Q

Theology and Philosophy

How do the writers of the bible explain the concept of God as creator?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis Ch 1 V 1). Christians Believe God created the heavens and the earth   just like it is explained in Genesis chapter one and two and also various other parts of the bible such as Job chapter 38. Genesis was written by Moses who was sent the words to write the book by God. Christians believe God is the creator and saviour of our universe and he is the reason that we are here, to serve and worship him as he is our maker and we are made in his likeness. Why are we here? Is a question that most people have asked at either one time or another and Some believe we are here because God put us here and some believe we are here simply just by accident.

Genesis 1 talks about God creating the world in seven days, using each day to create different things. After the six days God looked at all he had created and saw that it was good. So on the seventh day God rested. Genesis 2 is a very different story about God being with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. He created a perfect place for his creation and he lets Adam and Eve know what he expects from them and tells them they can eat off any tree apart from the tree of knowledge. God wanted to be involved and have a relationship with humanity, he wanted us humans to have authority over the rest of the earth. God meant for humanity to have free will to choose whether or not we live for him otherwise we would all be living in peace out of obligation rather than it being true faith. Humanity has disobeyed God, this started when Adam and Eve where tempted by the devil and took fruit off the tree of knowledge even though God had told them not to. However, God is a loving and forgiving God and still desires a relationship with his creation despite our sins and mistakes.

There are many arguments against Genesis and the rest of the bible in...


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