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Happiness 10

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Daniel Shaheen

The reason everyone does everything is to make themselves happy. Happiness is getting what you want. You eat a tasty meal. You wanted to experience that good taste and become full instead of hungry; it made you happy. You have a family that you love and care about, that family and that love is something you want; it makes you happy. You do drugs. The feelings and experience are something that you want, they make you happy. However, when you get addicted, use up lots of your money, go to jail and or die at a young age, those are things you don’t want, so they make you sad. So in total, it can be said that they made you more sad than happy. There are two types of happiness. Let’s call the first one emotional happiness. Emotions are some, but not all, of the examples of emotional happiness. They are anything that feels good. Some examples are the emotion of happiness (how you feel when something good happens), the feeling of resting after running hard, the emotion of excitement, an adrenaline rush, hearing a song that sounds good, feeling something that feels good (like going to bed with a very cozy blanket) and becoming full when you are hungry. Pain, sadness, fear, a bad taste and a bad sound (like scratching on a chalkboard) are examples of emotional sadness. However, something that may cause emotional happiness for one may cause emotional sadness for another. An example would be if a little child watched a scary movie, he would get scared and probably start crying. He felt the same fear as what a teenager would feel. However, he doesn’t like that emotion, but a teenager does. So it would cause emotional sadness for the child but emotional happiness for the teenager. The other type of happiness we will call logical happiness. If you could choose to save a person’s life or do a harmless legal drug that made you feel extremely good, you would choose saving the person’s life. (I picked the example of a drug because it is the best example of...


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