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Self V Other

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The Difference is in the Approach.  
The self and the other must be two hugely different personalities. Each is dependent on the other. The self ought to propose to the other to rearticulate what the self has articulated. The other must in turn be able to convert to the position of the self.
The complete essay, though it may be well written, lacks something if it is not eloquent. Eloquence is a hard thing to achieve, and it’s no easier for those who write on a regular basis. Eloquent essays are substantive and complex. They are all-inclusive, and can be ambiguous. When there is complexity and subtle ambiguity in an essay, the essay begs for an articulation on he who is acting the part of the other.
An elegant essay is all too easy to write. Singularity, exclusivity, and obvious formula are some traits of an elegant essay. An eloquent essay can be simple, while contributing multiplicity and begging a response, while many an elegant essay is just simplistic in itself, and is formulaic, as it adheres to the same tread as many essays before it too closely.
As in many aspects of life, a compromise must be made. Because the conventional, common standards seek a safe, often mediocre, elegant approach, and ambiguity is often looked down upon for the reason of not overstepping boundaries between student and teacher, a new course should be taken. There must be an aspect of invention in any essay that is to be presented as really great work. Taking familiarity and the ability to relate better to the writing from elegance, and adding creativity, substance and an innovative approach from eloquence.


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