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Building Self Confidence

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Building Self-Confidence
Very often, before other people will start to have faith in you, you have to have confidence in your own abilities. Self-confidence is a very powerful state of mind that other people quickly notice and easily respect. So how can you develop a high-level of self-confidence?                                                                                                  
Following are the following recommendations:
Choose to concentrate on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Confidence comes from within. You have to concentrate on the positive things about yourself. Remember the past is over; you can only change the future. If you have trouble doing this, write down ten positive things about yourself. People often find it very helpful to actually see the words.
Concentrate on your potentials.                                                                                     These are the reasons why you should love yourself and believe in yourself. Give yourself credit for every successful or good thing that you do.
Remind yourself of past successes.                                                                             Confidence builds on past success. The more you do this, the more convinced you'll be that it's possible to succeed again. Most people unfortunately can't help focusing on what they did wrong in the past. This failure to forget and let go damages their self-confidence.
Learn to take risks.                                                                                           Risk is a crucial part of life; it is necessary before any great success can be achieved. If you spend your life avoiding risk, you'll never experience all that life has to offer.
Cultivate an enthusiasm for trying out new things.                                                             Once you get past that initial barrier, you'll find that it's very empowering. Yes, you will fail sometimes but the lessons and experiences...


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