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The Fight to Save Our Lives

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The Fight to Save our Lives!

I am determined to fight to save the lives of our children, I am a concerned mum from the organisation SOS, Save Our Sons and I am writing with true outrage about sending Australian troops to Vietnam which is so far away, which shouldn’t even concern us, our future generation who will be tragically lost.
It is appalling to find that people in Australia support this war because the only thing they are supporting is our Australian men being killed. I feel for all those mums out there who have to suffer, waiting, depressed to find out if her child has made it through alive which are a sickening thought even the thought of war itself. I am disappointed with shock that Australia lets our loyal men fight to the death which is man slaughter. Menzies is a cruel man with only thoughts of himself. South Vietnam didn’t even send a letter asking for our help only he wanted what was best for him.
I am participating in the moratorium because nothing else will make this cruelty stop, so to defeat cruelty you have to fight with cruelty. I will protest till our sons are safely back home. I will not stand for this and neither will the other determined protestors the University Students, unionists, business men, the clergy, The Labor Party and us the SOS organisation and more. Every person among us has lost someone and more people as o write are dying for no good cause, and would you like to loose a loved one? Because the most heartbreaking thing is no one is doing anything to stop this so it is up to us. I won’t stop till my bones break and everyone is saved.

Yours Sincerely
Toneya Kingham


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