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Civil War by Guns N' Roses

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“Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses

Freedom of speech is a very important right given to us through the first amendment. The first amendment protects people by letting them print, say, or sing what they please. These writers as well as musicians express their right to this though their writings and lyrics. However, people might take advantage of this amendment resulting in consequences. “Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses is a good example of expressing the right freedom of speech give to us. It was written in 1990 to protest war, but it wasn’t protesting any war in particular. They used their freedom of speech throughout the song, but used it wisely and they were not reprimanded because of it. The band uses their freedom of speech by being able to speak their feelings about war without facing consequences. Guns N’ Roses named their song “Civil War” because they believe we are all united into one, causing any fighting between people to be defined as a civil war rather then just a war. The song starts by causing the listener to think about what really happens during war. It expresses that even though war has changed over time, it produces the same effects. They show this by saying how people continue to die, fear is continuing to grow, and children will continue war because they are raised in a life where war takes place. Guns N’ Roses also states that God and human rights are pushed to the side while war is present. In the middle of the song, they
reminisce on two main events in their lives of war and violence. Kennedy being shot was the first of these. The band describes this by saying that when they heard of this murder, they went numb. The second of the two flashbacks was the vietnam war. Guns N’ Roses says that they never felt for the war. Also they talk about the wall in Washington D.C. that is a tribute to the veterans. However, the band says that this wall is there to remind everyone that freedom is something that cannot be trusted because it’s in the hands of the...


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