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Roosevelt Letter

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Dear President Roosevelt,

As a distinguished photographer, I am in a good position to comment on the human impact of the Depression because clearly I could see the hardships faced by these poor victims. I travel almost everyday in order to capture the emotions that these people feel, and speaking with them has made me even more inspired to help them by spreading the news about their trials through my detailed photographs. Everyday, through the hard-hit states of the Depression, clearly the Dust Bowl has affected everything and everyone. The smell was excruciatingly painful to my nose, which snuffed almost every dust and dirt. The air was dry and I do hope that these people have enough water. Everywhere I went, people asked me for donations, such as either clothes, money , or food, and it was painful to watch these people live off of cardboard boxes and scraps of food, but its was impossible for them to achieve those. They are in great desperation, and have so much fear of death. They do not want to suffer any longer, and they desire to work or find a better place to live. I believe if they found jobs, their work ethic would be somewhat excellent, seeing their perseverance and faith to work hard whenever the chance came. If these conditions still exist, the whole town would continue to feel depressed and rejected.
Please Sir, but I do hope that you can take this into deep consideration. Some suggestions that I have should be used in your favor. I think that the government should immediately help the poor by giving them jobs from some businesses, as a result of either opening up new businesses or creating projects in the cities, so these poverty-stricken people can earn money. Also, maybe local charities or relief houses should be contacted in order to provide clothes, food, and maybe shelter for the time being. Finally, I feel that the wealthy would always fain more money as their jobs continue on, so the government should raise their taxes and get their money...


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