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Tape for the World

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Tape for the World
Tesa takes a different, refreshing approach to selling its product. Instead of the sex sells approach most common in modern day advertisements or instead of mentioning the quality of the tape, the advertisement uses a political statement that is disconnected from the tape industry altogether. Nothing about the tape itself is mentioned. The advertiser assumes that consumers are more interested in Bush’s incompetence than they are in the quality or traits of the tape they buy. One of the reasons the ad is effective may be because Bush’s ratings were so low. With this advertisement being so strong and visual very little text is used.
Tesa’s advertisement is much more a visual ad than a textual one. The two most notable factors of the ad are Bush’s very recognizable face and the huge red tape. The pictures catch the viewer’s attention, and then they read the very small text after noticing the statement that is made visually. The brand name itself is much understated with only a small mention inside the reel of the tape. The visual composition is much more important in respect to the text. The visual is meant to punish Bush’s incompetence, persuade, entertain and evoke a reaction.
In addition to Bush’s incompetence the ad may be punishing incompetence in general. It implies with “The world needs a tape like this”, that people should not say things without passing them through the filter of a person’s better judgment. If the ad had targeted a similar political leader or famous person, it would have been just as persuasive. The ad was more successful because the national disposition towards the president was not good. Therefore; it was a good mood for the ad at the time. It may be that there are only certain times in our country’s history when political-based ads will persuade consumers to buy, and only specific consumers can be targeted.
Tesa targets consumers who have a knowledge and understanding of politics. The advertiser assumes that...


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