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(Fictional) Conversation Between Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt on Imperialism

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This Is an Excerpt of a Conversation between Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt (Fictional)

Mark Twain: My dear Theodore, for you see, imperialism will never bring the United States to greatness.

Theodore Roosevelt: I beg to differ, after we (Americans) won the Spanish American war, our power grew greatly. For you see, Imperialism is the path to power, and we must take advantage of it. As Americans it is our right to expand to other countries to educate them and to take advantage of their resources. The United States has already grown greatly with its new territories, and with them comes new naval bases and more power.

Mark Twain: But are those territories rightly ours? Have we become what we sought to destroy when we fought the American Revolution? Have we (Americans) freed the Philippines from Spanish tyranny, only to replace it ours?

Theodore Roosevelt: Nonsense, the US is not tyrannical, we will treat the Filipinos with the respect they deserve.

Mark Twain: Bah, they deserve freedom, but are you giving them that?

Theodore Roosevelt: Why? Why do they deserve freedom from us? We rightfully own their land(s) and we should be able to take advantage of them (lands) as we please!

Mark Twain: Nonsense, for over 300 years they (Filipinos) suffered, and now we   (the US) have the chance to bring them out of there suffering.

Theodore Roosevelt: I believe that is true, but still, I think we deserve to use their land for a little bit.

Mark Twain: *Sigh*, At least make them a protectorate…

Theodore Roosevelt: That could be possible, but even then, What have they done to help us? Why should we help them?

Mark Twain: They haven’t rebelled yet if that is enough for you!

Theodore Roosevelt: Yes, Yes that is true, I will consider this Mark, Thank you for your advice.

Mark Twain: *Humph*


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