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A-Fraud 2

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Brenda Martin
English 100
March 23, 2009
In the sport that is known as the American past time, baseball was loved by all and the most popular sport to watch and stay on top of. Now it would be very easy to say that football is the most watched American sport, which may be due to all the scandals going on in the MLB. Baseball was all about the special and magical numbers we now as statistics that were put up and set by many of the greats among baseball, that many believed would not be broken in ages. But now with all these special drugs that enhances muscles growth and increases performance by players have taken over many athletes, and for the most part has been found in the MLB. No one really thought people where using them until we saw Barry Bonds balloon up and smash the homerun record by thirteen of the previous record. This is when everyone started questioning what these players were really doing to get better.
Strong Response (Introduction)
Even though steroids are an illegal drug and the players now that some fall into the temptation of being the best they can the fastest they can. The MLB has thought about cracking down and did a little, but never really tried to revive the American pasttime. A big reason for a serious crack down is because the new revealed user of steroids, Alex Rodriguez has been thrown to be eaten alive by the fans and media. He was one of the players no one thought would of used and was a role model to many athletes. Although the writer of A-Rod scandal hurts MLB did make effective use of words with specific connotation, I also overall agree with his points on A-Rod tested positive, baseball numbers used to be special and magical, and Blame the Major league.
A-Rod tested Positive
Baseball numbers used to be Special and Magical
Blame the Major League
Words with connotation
The author of this article Brad Dornes, did an ok job at putting words with connotation into his writing....


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