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Social Oligation vs Social Responsiveness

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In today’s global economy, in order for a company to be totally successful in the business world they need to take into consideration 2 very important aspects. Although at first sight it may appear to seem that social obligation and social responsiveness are the same, they are quite different and include different tactics and strategies that need to be taken into consideration before launching a product in ot the global market.
To begin with, social obligation occurs when a company takes certain actions in order to meet requisites set out by the government in order to meet the economic and legal responsibilities. This would basically focus on product safety and in product liability to say in a nutshell. These product safeties are certain standards to which a product must adhere to, these would include aspects as health standards, ensuring that a product has a label that includes a date of production just as an expiry date; it must also include an ingredient and nutritious information just as the hypersensitivity reaction that can occur. Before a product can enter the market the company needs to ensure that a label is intact on the product, this label must include especially include the place of production, and which company is responsible for the product. It must also include all the ingredients, this is especially important as in this way a customer can easy sight if an ingredient used may be dire to their health as different people are allergic to different ingredients. The date of production is important but what must not be omitted under any circumstance is the expiry date as this entails up to what date the product is consumable without giving side effects if no hypersensitivity is present to any of the ingredients.
This label must also include the country of production and the company responsible for the product. This is deemed as obligatory because in the effect that the product does not meet all the regulations on the market they can...


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