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Capital Punishment 15

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The internet define capital punishment is the death sentence awarded for capital offence like crime involving planned murder, multiple murders repeated crimes , rape and murder etc where in the criminal provision consider such person as a gross danger to the existence of the society and provide death punishment.  
Our nation is broken state of insecurity driving deep fear in the hearts of everyone in this country people are panic and frustrated because our leaders cannot find the way to fix the social, moral   economic crises which I believe they have cause.
For the pass five years period the murder rate has been climbing to the top in the year 2009 one thousand six hundred that have been record who have been missing or killed ever since that crime rate has been increasing rapidly to about 70 pre cent.
Capital punishment I believe that we have not yet reduce crime and violence due to capital punishment this exercise does not exceeds to its full potential I think criminal do not have the right to have a life of a innocent person or anyone for that manner for that they most   be brought to the justice system for there punishment.
There are a number of family members who have been affected by death for the pass year by losing a friend or a love one causing a major problem in the social and economic system   because if one cannot provide for their family can them to turn to crime and violence.
In our decaying source system we see other commodities to be used the current wave of abduction, rape and murder of our children and women confirm that we are reaping what we have sown .the dehumanising policies that permeate our social and economic order of development criminal who have been sentence to life in prison should be hung or bought to the justice system to be confirm there punishment.
The money that we earn form foreign exchange and the investment is very important because it help us to maintain a good security against crime and violence.
The number one problem...


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