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Capital Punishment

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I have an opinion on many subjects. Whether or not you agree with it is your opininon.   This country, being a free country, gives me the right to persuade you to see things my way.   This is my goal with the following essay.

Hanging, firing squad, electrocution, gas, and lethal injection.   They are all methods of execution used by the American government to punish murderers.   Thirty-eight out of fifty states and Washington D.C. have the death penalty as a method of pinishment.

The subject of capital punishment has been under debate for a long time.   Some believe it is a good way to punish murderers.   Others call it immoral and unethical.   I personally believe that it should be used as an punishment by our government.

I have many facts to support my opinion. Statistics say that over 60% of the American public believe in using the death penalty.   That is almost a two-to-one ratio.   Also, it is legal in thirty-eight states and even our nation's capital.   That is a large number that thinks we should keep it.   Furthermore, if a mother can have an abortion, killing an unborn child, innocent of any crime, then why can't society use the death penalty to punish murderers who have been tried and convicted of their crime? Nmbers 35:16-19   "But if he strikes him with an iron implement, so that he dies, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death. And if he strikes him with a stone in the hand, by which one could die, and he does die, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death. Or if he strikes him with a wooden hand weapon, by which one could die, and he does die, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death. The avenger of blood himself shall put the murderer to death; when he meets him, he shall be put to death." The District Attorney of Oklahoma City, Robert Macy, described his concept of the need for the death penalty in one case: "In 1991, a young mother was...


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    • Dec 02, 2005 - Evaluator: (Lux)
    • Your essay is based almost solely on statistics which doesn't prove whether the Death Penalty is the best solution for these cases or even if it's 'right' or 'wrong'. Public opinion is a factor to consider but it is not something to write an essay around. You should also look into capital punishment in other countries, such as the United States neighbour to the north, Canada, in which the dealth penalty has been abolished.