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Capital Punishment

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Justice can not be served until the debate on capital punishment is

resolved and all states have come to agree that the death penalty is the

best way to stop crime completely.  

"The bottom line is, one method of execution is just as brutal and

as barbaric as the next," says Mr. Breedlove of the National Coalition to

Abolish the Death Penalty.   This comes straight from the mouth of a member

of a national organization against capital punishment.   The American

Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition defines

execution as The act or an instance of putting to death or being put to

death as a lawful penalty.   So if Breedlove’s words hold true, then what

he believes is that someone going out and killing someone is barbaric.   In

a sense isn’t that what he’s saying, that one way of killing someone is

just as bad as any other.   So if he finds this so barbaric, why doesn’t he

do something about it?

Many people who are against capital punishment are only thinking

of the criminal and how cruel it is for them.   But, shouldn’t we think of

the families that are broken apart now because of the merciless acts of

these criminals.   Think of Susan Smith, how she knowingly drove her car

off into a lake with her two children strapped to the seats.   Think of how

they must have felt as the cold water started to fill the cabin of the

car, and then ultimately drown them.   Barbaric is exactly the word I would

use to describe her actions.   But yet, the jury rejected the death penalty

and chose a life sentence instead.   Mr. Smith, the father of the two

children, broken up from the ruling said "Me and my family are

disappointed that the death penalty was not the verdict, but it wasn’t our

choice.   They returned a verdict they thought was justice" (Bragg, pg.



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    • Dec 02, 2005 - Evaluator: (Lux)
    • I've seen about 30% of what is written in your essay on other essays on capital punishment on here, in which I'm guessing you're all getting it from the same source and not all of which is copied is also being cited. As I've also suggested to another, you should compare the United States with other countries, such as its close neighbour, Canada. China would also be interesting. Also, I don't think publically showcasing the death penalty will deter criminals. The United States executed much more people in its earlier days and obviously crime was still prevalent then. I wouldn't say you've proved capital punishment is true justice, either.