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Office Romance

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Several decades ago, most couples met their better halves while they were in school. In the new millennium, more and more people are finding companionship in the office. Office romance is fairly common these days as the office is where we spend so much of our time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of workplaces romance?
With many workers spending longer hours than they used to in the job, it should not come as a surprise that an increasing number of people are finding romance in the office. However, attitudes towards office romance differ widely. The following paragraphs will render some viewpoints from proponents and opponents to give a pretty clear picture of the pros and cons of workplace romance.

People who are for office romance hold the belief that workplace relationship has its unique advantages. Economically speaking, it is always better to date someone from work. You save money by travelling together and it makes sense to move in as well. Emotionally, by dating a colleague you can find a like-minded lover of similar backgrounds and are motivated ba similar goals. Thus you can share all your stress and your partner understands since s/he also gose throughthe same trouble. What’s more, numerous studies show that workplace relationships have a fairly high success rate —with roughly a quanter f them resulting in either a long-term relationship or marriages.

But opponents of office romance conted that Cupid does not belong in the workplace. In the first place, a budding romance with a co-worker also means that you will becom the subject of idle gossip. In addition, office romance may interfere your abilities to perform your professional duties. Dating a co-worker is risky because it may ruin any prospect for promotion. Futher more, and this kind of relationship wiil be tough, if the worst happens, it can be disastrous to see your ex-sweetheart every single working day.

From the above analysis, there seems some truth on both sides. As far as I...


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